Director of Marketing

Ken Kring

Ken Kring brings a wealth of experience and a strategic mindset to his role as Director of Marketing, having worked with some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies. With a proven track record in corporate marketing, he is a master of leveraged integrated thinking. Ken’s strategic marketing approach is rooted in identifying and overcoming obstacles to various behaviors, ensuring that marketing efforts are both impactful and results-driven.

The Rooted team thoroughly enjoys Ken’s witty sense of humor, that he effortlessly blends into all interactions. Fluent in the art of metaphor, Ken has a unique talent for simplifying intricate marketing concepts into memorable and actionable insights.

Ken is also a family man, happily married to his wife Pam, and a proud father of two adult sons. Outside of the office, Ken enjoys the great outdoors and finds relaxation and inspiration in kayaking. His passion for nature and adventure reflects his dynamic and energetic approach to both life and work.

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